Collages made from Butterfly Wings by Vadim Zaritsky

These beautiful collages was created by Russian artist Vadim Zaritsky. He had a fascination about butterflies ever since he was just a kid. It always saddened him to see butterfly collectors throw away damaged butterfly bodies so he thought of an amazing idea of recycling them, he uses them in making his artworks. For almost five years now, he has made over 100 collages featuring scenic landscapes, still life and portraits. He has also recreated some works of famous masters including Van Gogh, Picasso and Vrubel.

butterfly wings art 1.jpg
butterfly wings art 2.jpg
butterfly wings art 3.jpg
butterfly wings art 4.jpg
butterfly wings art 5.jpg

“A butterfly lives for just a few weeks, while my pictures give people a chance to admire it for many years,” Zaritsky concludes.


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