Corks Masterpieces by Ciro Califano

cork sculpture 1.jpg

Ciro Califano is an artist from Italy who uses corks as his only material in reproducing miniature versions of historical buildings and structures like the Roman Aqueduct in France, the Saracen Tower, the Church of Monte Albino, and many others.

Ever since he was a boy, he had always dreamed of being able to show the world his remarkable talents.
Opportunity came ten years ago, via his sons’ restaurant called “Cantina del Vescovo” or Bishop’s Cellar. Because of the numerous amount of wine bottle corks that are keep on accumulating, he tried to think of a way to use it in his art. He has put a tremendous amount passion and dedication in his works which can be seen in the intricate details he puts into every sculpture he has made.

cork sculpture 2.jpg
cork sculpture 3.jpg

Ciro’s latest masterpiece is a stunning miniature version of the Colosseum, made from 10,000 corks. It is said that it took him nearly two years to finish.

Photo © Luigi Pepe/ANSA

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