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Please tell us a brief info about yourself:

My name is Johanna, I’m 25 years old and I was born and still live in a small town in Sweden.


How did you get into photography?

I’ve always been interested in photography, I grew up with it cause my father is a photographer. And I guess he is who got me into it, I used to love working with him as a kid in his photolab. I’ve always had a camera with me wherever I went, but I guess I didn’t really get into it until around 2004.


Is your background in photography self-taught or did you go to college to study?

Except for my dad, its self-taught. Haven’t taken any classes or anything like that.

What camera do you use? What are the additional equipments do you use?

Right now I use my Nikon D50. I use 3 different lenses with it: Nikon DX 18-55 (default for the camera), A lensbaby 2.0 with a macro kit and a sigma 70-300mm macro lens. I have 2 different tripods and of course a lot of different filters.


Do you use post-processing or enhance your pictures in the computer? What programs do you use?

It depends on the photo, but if i do I always use Paint Shop Pro.


Where do you usually go for your photo shoots?

Usually most of my shoots are done where i live, some aren’t but almost all of them are in Sweden, If you are going to do photoshoots in Sweden though, I would recommend going to the north of Öland island, there’s a lot of great places up there.


Where is the most spectacular place you’ve ever been?

That is a hard question. When I was younger we went to Lugano and it was absolutely beautiful. But if I were to choose a place where I actually had my camera with me, it would probably be Öland, esp. in the summer, I always go every year.


What are some of your current projects?

I have a photoshoot coming up with a friend of mine for a CD, looking forward to that, other than that I have a few ideas and trips i’m making over the summer. Can’t really get into it more than that right now though.


Do you have a particular piece that you are proud of? And why?

This is such a hard question for me. Some photos are harder to get so when they come out ok, of course you like them but… If I had to choose one photo that I LIKE the most right now, it would probably be “Road to nowhere”, this changes a lot though.


Any advice to other enthusiast photographers out there who aspires to what you’ve achieved?

Just try whatever idea that comes into your head. Even if it turns out bad, its still good practice. And don’t give up just cause one idea doesn’t work out, stick with it and just do what you want to do, it being landscapes, portraits, animal photos…whatever, Just make sure you have a good time doing it cause that’s what it’s all about for me.


(c) Johanna – reproduced with permission

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website: http://littlemewhatever.deviantart.com/

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  1. She`s so passionate about here work, which is truly incredible. I`ve been watching her for over a year, now, and I think She`s definitely in my top 5 Deviants of all times. She might be one of the reasons `m obsessed with redheads 😀

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