Juggling too many Freelance jobs

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When you are starting out as a new freelancer, sometimes you don’t get contracts easily. And when you slowly start to build up your profile, you start to get noticed by the clients more and more. A common mistake that freelancers do is that they can think that they can handle all the jobs that are out there. The more quickly a freelancer can realize his or her limitations, the better he or she can do well in this area of expertise. When you are overstuffed with jobs, you can’t handle even one job properly and as a result, you’re overall work quality goes down.

If you feel you can’t handle the job you should simply turn the employer down. Look at all the contracts that you have and decide which are the most urgent. If you have promised your client a job which is very important to him you shouldn’t turn him down. Try to take time from your other clients if they can spare it. If there are many jobs, you can also try to work with your friends whom you can trust enough about the job. Sometimes freelancers apply to many jobs and then get called for an interview from more clients than they can handle. In that case, freelancers should sincerely apologize and explain the situation and turn the employer down before the even contract starts.

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