Light Paintings of Pablo Picasso

light paint picasso art 1.jpg

Here are some amazing photographs of the legendary artist Pablo Picasso painting with light photographed by Gjon Mili back in 1949.

Using a small light bulb, Picasso created these intimate light drawings in a dark room and the results shows the artist’s signature style in each one of them.

light paint picasso art 2.jpg
light paint picasso art 3.jpg
light paint picasso art 4.jpg
light paint picasso art 5.jpg
light paint picasso art 6.jpg

images courtesy LIFE magazine – Gjon Mili

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One thought on “Light Paintings of Pablo Picasso

  1. Beautiful work! I recently did a post on light painting, and the background of when it began in 1914 when motion study pioneer Frank Gilbreth used small lights and the open shutter of a camera to track the motion of manufacturing and clerical workers. I would love to learn more techniques. Of course, these are more than spectacular photos, nothing less than Picasso.

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