Melting Building in Paris


This very unique building which appears to be melting is located at George V Ave. in Paris, France. This is a very great example of an art technique called Trompe-l’oeil. You’ll surely stop on your tracks if you ever saw this for the first time and think that there is something wrong with your eyes. There are previous post on this kind of art, here.


Artist: Pierre Delavie (thanks to G@ttoGiallo for mentioning the artist)

Incredible Building In Paris ! – video powered by Metacafe

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7 thoughts on “Melting Building in Paris

  1. GAAHHH!!! That’s my masterpiece… you must definitely add the credit to my name… LOL…

    Great architecture and thanks for taking my picture in front of the building.. (*Looking at the pic No.4) hehehe…

  2. This melting building just reminds me of the heat wave that I am experiencing today. It’s been a month since I last saw such crazy sun. Thanks for supporting my entrecard quest. You deserve the mention. I really enjoy reading your site too! :) Cheers!

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