The Art of David Garibaldi and His CMYKs

david garibaldi art 1.jpg

David Garibaldi is a vibrant performing artist who mixes his painting with dance and music which never fails to captivate his audiences whenever he and his crew performs. He makes bold strokes on the canvas in time with the music that is playing and by the end of the music, an incredibly detailed masterpiece is created right before the viewer’s eyes.

david garibaldi art 2.jpg

david garibaldi art 3.jpg

He was born in Los Angeles and ever since he was a child, David had shown his interest in arts. He got into graffiti and spent most of his time expressing his art on the walls and trains of Sacramento and it affected his schooling. It’s became one of his biggest regrets but at the same time it was also the thing that motivated him to strive harder to become the artist that he is today.

david garibaldi art 4.jpg

david garibaldi art 5.jpg

david garibaldi art 6.jpg

David had the chance to show the whole world his unique art on America’s Got Talent, where he showcased his amazing painting style with the help of the CMYKs. And now, he and his CMYKs are performing their art for audiences all around the world.

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